Every year the Idyllwild Spring Challenge is grateful for all of the comments either e-mailed or posted otherwise about the race.  We love to hear what you have to say and welcome any input.  Below is a collection of comments from past races. 

We are trying hard to put the racer number one and create an old school event with an amazing course.  If you’ve enjoyed yourself enough to want to come back the next year we have succeeded!

"Thank you for one of the best (if not the best) race we've ever been to. The course is spectacular, one of the best there is. Yet the race organization is even better! From check-in, staging area, sticking to schedule, course markings/marshalls, to feed zones - nobody does it better. Organizing some bigger events myself (e.g. Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival), I know how much work is involved and how difficult it is to get something running flawlessly.  Your event gets my highest recommendations and we will be back next year ... Both my son and I enjoyed the race ...  I don't even have any good suggestions to improve your event, it seems so well thought out." - Roland

"Thanks so much for putting on such a fun race!  My daughters and I really enjoyed spending the day at Hurkey Creek and cheering on my husband and all the other racers.  The girls had a blast competing in the kids' race, and treasure their finishers medals.  You did a fantastic job with everything, it was one of the best races I've gone to as a spectator, and appreciate the fact that the atmosphere was relaxed, but organized."  - Andrea

"Wow where does one begin with the accolades?? Thanks so much for putting on such a truly awesome event.  I can honestly say that I have never been to a more well run event, ever, period!!  The track was fun, demanding, and the course was well marked, for those of us silly people that didn't pre-ride the whole thing, that was good news.  And the weather, could it have been any better ??" - Pat

“Hands down the best riding in so cal!  Hats off to the race organizer and staff!  This event rocked!!!”

“Oh man.  That was FUN.  It was my first Super D race and it was a blast.  A lot of fast fireroad and singletrack with a few technical sections (from the XC course).  I’m not sure what I was expecting but to do it well would definitely take an equal combination of pure leg-burning, lung-searing pedal power with fast smooth bike handling.  The best of DH and XC combined.  I really dig it – the Idyllwild course at least.”

 “Did the Spring Challenge (long course) for the first time yesterday and it was hands down the best mountain bike course I’ve done on in my 12 years of racing.”

 “I had a great time racing the Super D.  The weather was great, sunshine and blue skies.  And everyone was really nice.  Well organized and they even had a great shuttle service…”

 “The Idyllwild Challenge course may be the best XC course going!  Nearly 25 miles of excellent single track on the big 30-mile loop.  Great event, good organization, and good times…”

 “The ISC course is awesome!  It was my 2nd year out there and brought back a lot of great (and painful) memories.  Techy, fast, climbing, descending…a great mix of everything that a course SHOULD BE!”

 “This is the best race of the entire year (in my opinion).  It is a true mountain bikers big mountain course.  Not to mention the sweet single track trail, more than 25+ miles on the big loop!”

 “Easily one of the best races of the year…
Both days (XC and Super D) are incredible!
Super D today was AWESOME!  So much fun!
Super D rocked!  That there is real mountain biking!”

 “Raced Open Class, and it was HARD, in a good way.  What Mt. Biking is all about!  No rest, hard climbing an technical down…kept me on my toes the whole 30 miles.”

"I would like to thank you all for a great race.  I've raced from Vermont to California(and New Mexico to Idaho, including NORBA nationals in CA, CO, UT and VT) and this was by far the best terrain I've ever ridden."  Matt

 “The course was great, as were the feed zones and support out on the course.  I will always consider the Spring challenge as a "must Do". Thanks,”  Jeff

 “I wanted to thank you and everyone at Idyllwild Cycling for a fantastic event. The course was amazing (one of the most demanding and true to MTB’ing by far), as was the support (loved the cold water bottle right before the 20 min climb). All of the support staff were friendly and helpful and the course was well marked and marshaled. I also appreciate the amazing pro cash purse and the great awards! Thanks!”  Christie Pleiss

 “Great Job with the race this year!  Thank you for promoting an awesome event and thank you for the generous pro purse!”  Dana Weber

 “Thank you so much!  Wow, you guys are the best, really top notch!  We will DEFINITELY be back next year, we both had a lot of fun!  I must tell you real quick, how great you guys really are....so organized!  So together!  …  You guys really know how to put on a spectacular event!!  The refreshments for the racers, all the food and tables set up by the finish line for spectators, registration moved quickly!  … Kudos to you and your team!!  Job well done!  I'm looking forward to next year, and in the meantime, keep on RIDING!!  Thanks again,”   Denise

 “I do hope to make next year’s race.  The courses in the Idyllwild Spring Challenge are second to none!”  Justin

 “… You guys put on the best race I ride all year, I look so forward to it every year.  Thanks again for all you do.”  Troy

 “Proud parent here.  Great event!   Can you tell me where you got those granite trophies done?   They were beautiful and such a proper acknowledgment.  Hope others follow your example…”    Bob

 “You put on a great event and I'll definitely be looking to do it again next year!”  Mark

 “For the great time last Saturday...very well executed event-and excellent volunteers-be sure to  thank them (again)! … Thanks again.”  Rich

Just wanted to thank you for such an awesome time last weekend at the Spring Challenge.  I did it last year for the first time and i was stoked to be back again this year.  The course is phenomenal and you and your crew do an amazing job of supporting everyone - thanks!  The pro purse is huge and incredibly generous and I know all of the women racers are extremely appreciative of that fact that it is equal for men and women.  Thanks again!  - - Sarah 

 “The Idyllwild Spring Challenge definitely stands out as one of the most epic Cross Country races... The event is now part of the USA Cycling MTB National XC calendar, and for the first time professional racers can obtain valuable UCI points at this Category 4 event.  One of the best things about this amazing event was the perfect weather we had. It wasn't too cold or too hot, and we sucked lungfuls of that clean, clear mountain air. And I could never forget to mention the excellent prize money - $1000 for first place in the Pro category, $500 for the first semi-pro rider to cross the line, and King of the Mountain (KOM) prizes as well.
Still wondering what made this race so great? How about the stunning view from the top of Idyllwild and the beautiful surrounding mountains of San Jacinto? We almost had to remind ourselves we were racing.
We were very happy with how well the course was marked and with the amount of volunteers that they had out on the course, which appeared to be over 50.
In the end, we were all happy to have had an awesome time and done such great riding at this fun event.  Thank you to all of our sponsors for their support and congratulations to all race competitors. Thanks to the race organizers for putting such a great event together.”   Manuel Prado

 “Wow. You guys put on a great event. You put together a fantastic bunch of sponsors, you got the Forest Service to cooperate, and the course was world-class. Please do it again next year, and don't change a single thing.”  Scott

"I want to thank Idlywild Cycling for another fantastic race. This years Spring Challenge couldn't have been improved on. The course was in perfect shape. The weather was ideal and the support over the top. You have really perfected the art of putting on a race. It started on time, the awards were immediately after and I love the green friendly swag bag. I am very glad I was able to challenge myself in the open class.  Thank You for a great time." Wendy

 “I'd like to thank you personally for putting on one of the best events I've ever attended in Socal. The schwag bag was a surprise, much like the days of yore.  The course was right outta the past. It was easily the most demanding course I've raced in Socal including the mighty Vision Quest.

"As for the whole event, way to go. I told my whole team we'll have to make it up there next year, or whenever you put on another event.  If there is anything that Team Helen's can do to help out please let me know.”  Ray

 “Just wanted to say thanks for a great race the other weekend.  I really enjoyed the trails and your generous pro purse was awesome.  Thanks again, looking forward to next year!”  Dana

 “Last Saturday I raced in my second Idyllwild Spring Challenge.  I loved the race last year and told as many of my friends and teammates that it's a must do event.  This year was even better.  You guys put on an extremely fun event.  There were even more friendly helpers out on the course directing traffic and handing up Cyto and/or water.  The frequent water handups were really appreciated since the course was so physically demanding.  The course you laid out is the best racing I've ever experienced in my 5 years of competing.   The raffle was over the top on prizes with three nice forks a frame and lots of other goodies.  It's very nice to have a great selection of food available, and the free fruit was a nice touch for depleted racers.  The best thing about the event was the attitude of everyone running it.  It was clear that they were doing it for the love of the sport, and it showed through in all aspects of the event.

Thanks again for putting on such an incredible event.  I'm already looking forward to next year's Spring Challenge.”  Paul

 “Thank you for all of your effort in organizing a great mountain bike race.  It was my first race and my friends tell me that there is no where to go from here, so I will be back next year.  Thanks again for the fantastic time.”  Michael

 “Great job again this year.  The spring challange is a one-of-a-kind race…”  Barratt

 “I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time yesterday.  My friend, Byron, has been racing off and on for 10 years and said that you guys put on one of the best he's been to.  Amazing route, well organized, great raffle, excellent announcing, a total success!  You're a good bunch up in them there hills!” Jamie

 “I participated in your spring challenge this last weekend in the Women's sport category 19-29 age group.  Thank you very much for a great race, my husband and I had a great time, and can't wait to participate again.”  Shalyn

 “Thank you for putting on such a wonderful event!  I had a blast!  This was my first race and it will hard for any other event to equal this.  Again thank you!” Taylor

 "Once again, you guys put on a top level event, with the most difficult & enjoyable course in So Cal.   I had a blast!  Again, I applaud your efforts and organizing skills.  Route was excellent….   Race support was excellent.  Ceremonies were excellent....  Sponsor support was best around with all the swag and raffles.  And especially I really appreciate the prize money.  No one else is doing that (all while charging $10 more).  We need more race promoters like you to keep mt biking popular."  Greg

 "Thanks again for another brilliant race. The course was great, volunteers helpful and awards/post race presentations on time. You guys surpassed yourselves, again!!" Pete

 "It was again, a blast!  Well .....painful, but it's great riding, and it's always good to do it for the challenge!! Great event. See you next year!" Wendy

 "My husband raced at your event a couple of days ago.  I just wanted to say thank you from a spectator's point of view.  The park where the race is held is beautiful.  It was so nice to have a parking area right at the expo area and not have to walk miles.  I know my husband had a blast but I thought you'd like to know what the other side thinks!  I'm sure we will be back next year.  Thank you!"  Jill

 "Great race, will be back next year." Art

 "I wanted to write to you and say how great your event was.  The long course was one of the hardest and most fun I ever raced on.   Truly an epic.  I hope to be able to ride again in it next year. Thanks!" Mark B.

 "Thanks for putting on a great event. You are a wonderful community and I appreciate all the work you, your husband and the locals put into the race. Peace." Mark

 "Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for the cool race.  I had to take off before the awards but I really enjoyed the course and the event was very well organized.  I will get the word out to the folks on my team (VeloSport) so there is a better turn out at the next race." Bob

 "Just a quick note of thanks for a great race/event yesterday!!!! Great volunteer work and awards. Thanx again guys!" P. K.

 "My son participated in the Spring Challenge on Sunday and just loved it.   Thank you for putting on such a great event." Connie

 "Killer race and I hope to see it happen again next year." Bob

 "On Sunday, I competed in your Spring Challenge race.  Wow, what a course! These are some of the best trails around, and so close.  So Cal could use another mini series, like Rim Nordic (Hint hint)."G. T.

 "The race was fantastic. You were right that it was a "feast of pain" and I'm really still amazed at the fact that I actually enjoyed such a brutal race - but I did! Anyway, FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS!" Lorena

 "I was at the race Sunday, excellent job not a problem to speak of."  Eric

 "Wanted to shoot you an e-mail and tell you that I really enjoyed the Spring Challenge. The support was great and the course was fun. Hope you will put the race on next year :)" Rhonda