The Mile High Radio Club has provided invaluable communication services for the Idyllwild Spring Challenge.  Their members help make up the army of volunteers it takes to support the race.

"The Mile High Radio Club (MHRC) headquartered in Idyllwild, CA. Nestled in the San Jacinto Mountain Range of Riverside County is an active organization that welcomes new members. MHRC serves the mountain communities of Idyllwild, Fern Valley, Pine Cove, Mountain Center, Garner Valley and Poppet Flats by providing an opportunity for licensed amateur radio operators to meet and exchange knowledge and experience.

We have members skilled in the technical aspects of ham radio communication who are always willing to help those interested in advancing their knowledge of radio or those having problems with their radios. We also enjoy the social aspects of meeting with people having the same interests we do."


Mountain Disaster Preparedness has joined with the Mile High Rado Club in making the Idyllwild Spring Challenge's communication network one of the most complete and well-manned radio operation structures.

Established in 1986, Mountain Disaster Preparedness has a three-fold mission: 1) to participate in the disaster planning activities of the community; 2) provide supplies, maintenance, and staffing for eight strategically located neighborhood disaster supply depots (referred to as neighborhood collections points, or NCPs); and 3) work with and assist governmental agencies in disaster response.

Los Exploradores Search and Rescue

This team of dedicated proffesionals has volunteered medical services since the beginning of the Idyllwild Spring Challenge both on and off the bike.  The base station is located in the main Expo area provoding medical needs and LESAR riders can be seen on course with medical insignia bike plates.