Like waiting for a fine wine, the Idyllwild Spring Challenge will age on the rack for yet another year.  After looking at the current environmental studies for the burned area, it has been determined that there will not be enough trails open to hold the event for 2015. Yes, we too are saddened by this news but rest assured, we will hold on until we can once again bring the race back to life.  We have not given up yet!

For 2014 we held a fun ride and BBQ on Thomas Mountain during the first weekend of May, the traditional date for the Idyllwild Spring Challenge.  This was the birth of the Idyllwild Spring Break.  It was so much fun that we will have to do it again for 2015!


What is the Idyllwild Spring Challenge...?

Cycling Illustrated labels The Idyllwid Spring Challenge one of the top 5 mountain bike races in So Cal.  This elite group includes the likes of the Sea Otter Classic!

"The Idyllwild Spring Challenge is held each May in the small town of Idyllwild, in the San Jacinto Mountains.  It's a very popular race due to the beautiful scenery and sublimely flowing singletrack.  The race includes a 1 mile 13% gradient climb, followed by technically challenging singletrack.  If you only do one race in So Cal, make it this one."
Cycling Illustrated

Never raced the Idyllwild Spring Challenge?  First off, the 13% climb is only on the long course (so some of you can breath a little easier!).  It is the highest point of the race and is famous for evoking just a little pain.

The course has it all it all... superb single track (some of the best anywhere and miles of it!), challenging climbs, flowing trails, ripping downhills, streams, meadows, woods, rocks and loads of dirt.  This is real mountain biking!

Every year we try to better the event.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  We love to hear if you enjoyed your time up in Idyllwild.  It helps confirm we are on the right track!  This race is for all of you and we want it to be the best it can be (but please, not 'perfect'. Who really wants to be perfect?!)

For all race inquireries please contact Katie