Race Discipline Descriptions:

Cross Country:

The Cross Country race is the Big Kahuna of The Idyllwild Spring Challenge.  This is one of the few races that runs all its courses on one big loop.  Meaning, no laps!  There is a huge variety of terrain on the course ranging from technical climbs, sweeping flowing single track, rocky descents, woods, wide open fields, stream crossings, hard packed, loose sections and yes, a little bit of hike-a-bike. All in all, it is an amazing experience.

How do we run five different courses with no laps?  Each course, starting with the 7 miler, pushes further out than the previous ending with the longest and most grueling 27 mile course.

For those that want to test themselves to the limit there is an Open Class for all above 18 years old to test their endurance and riding skills.  This course is not for the faint of heart so make sure you are in good enough condition before you attempt it.  

Time Trial:

The Idyllwild Spring Challenge is proud to offer this amazing course.  About 3.5 miles long for all Cat. 2 and above  (2 miles for Cat. 3 and Juniors 14 & under) the course is a roller coaster of single track!  And that’s about 98% single track!  Don’t let the shorter milage fool you… this is a very diverse course that will work you.  Up and down with fast sections, tight turns and quick climbs, this will test all your abilities.  And, put a smile on your face!

Super D:

The Super D is our latest jewel.  The Idyllwild Spring Challenge’s 5.5 mile Super D course has been said to be one of the best out there!  But you'll have to wait... sorry.  It will be worth it, though!  2017-2018 should see the completion on the May Valley Trail System and we should have access once again to the trails that comprise this awesome course!  There will be no mass starts.  Each rider will go off individually in intervals.

Don’t know what a Super D is?  Contrary to the name, the Super D is not a Super downhill.  The course is point to point and is mainly downhill but has enough small climbs thrown in to test those leg muscles.  Often it is referred to as the ‘weekend warriors’ race because of its shorter length and Cross Country bike friendly course.  Large travel bikes and full-face helmets are not required.

Stage Race:

This is the best way to enjoy all three disciplines and test your overall abilities.  The Stage race classes are structured after the Time Trial and Super D classes.  How does this work?  Since the regular Cross Country classes are different than the Stage Race classes you will essentially be getting two different places in the Cross Country.  First, is the regular Cross Country in which you will compete against everyone in your class and that is how the Cross Country places will be determined.  Second, you will also be competing against all those in your Stage Race Cross Country class.  There will be no individual award ceremony for this but your placing against only the other Stage Race riders will be determined in the overall for the Stage Race.

In other words, you will not only be racing against those in your class but for Stage Race riders, you will also be racing against those in your category.

Below is a list of how the Cross Country Stage Race classes are broken down.  The Stage Race Cross Country Classes are in red and the regular Cross Country classes are in blue.  Each Stage Race class shows what regular Cross Country classes are included.

Pro Men

   Pro Men

   Pro Men Single Speed

Jr. Cat. 1 Men 18 & under

   Jr. Cat. 1 Men 15-16

   Jr. Cat. 1 Men 17-18

Cat. 1 Men

   Cat. 1 Men  19-24

   Cat. 1 Men  25-29

   Cat. 1 Men  30-34

   Cat. 1 Men  35-39

   Cat. 1 Men  40-44

   Cat. 1 Men  45-49

   Cat. 1 Men Single Speed

Cat. 1 Men 50+

   Cat. 1 Men  50-54

   Cat. 1 Men  55-59

   Cat. 1 Men  60+

Jr. Cat. 2 Men 18 & under

   Jr. Cat. 2 Men 15-18

Cat. 2 Men

   Cat. 2 Men  19-29

   Cat. 2 Men  30-34

   Cat. 2 Men  35-39

   Cat. 2 Men  40-44

   Cat. 2 Men  45-49

   Cat. 2 Men Single Speed

   Cat. 2 Men Clydesdale

Cat. 2 Men 50+

   Cat. 2 Men  50-54

   Cat. 2 Men  55-59

   Cat. 2 Men  60+

Jr. Cat. 3 Men 14 & under

   Jr. Men 10 & under

   Jr. Men 11-12

   Jr. Men 13-14

Jr. Cat. 3 Men 15-18

   Jr. Cat. 3 Men 15-18

Cat. 3 Men

   Cat. 3 Men  19-29

   Cat. 3 Men  30-39

   Cat. 3 Men  40-49

   Cat. 3 Men  50+

   Cat. 3 Men Single Speed

   Cat. 3 Men Clydesdale

Open Men

   Open Men  19-34

   Open Men  35- 39

   Open Men  40- 44

   Open Men  45+

   Open Men Clydesdale

   Open Men Single Speed

Pro Women

   Pro Women

Jr. Cat. 1 Women 18 & under

   Jr. Cat. 1 Women 15-16

   Jr. Cat. 1 Women 17-18

Cat. 1 Women

   Cat. 1 Women  19-29

   Cat. 1 Women  30-39

   Cat. 1 Women  40-49

   Cat. 1 Women  50+

Jr. Cat. 2 Women 18 & under

   Jr. Cat. 2 Women 15-18

Cat. 2 Women

   Cat. 2 Women  19-29

   Cat. 2 Women  30-39

   Cat. 2 Women  40-49

   Cat. 2 Women  50+

   Open Women Single Speed

Jr. Cat. 3 Women 14 & under

   Jr. Women 10 & under

   Jr. Women 11-12

   Jr. Women 13-14

Jr. Cat. 3 Women 15-18

   Jr. Cat. 3 Women 15-18

Cat. 3 Women

   Cat. 3 Women  19-29

   Cat. 3 Women  30-39

   Cat. 3 Women  40+

Open Women

   Open Women  19-34

   Open Women  35+