The Idyllwild Cycling Board is a group of volunteers that believe in the mission and the goals of Idyllwilld Cycling.  Members are not only from the town of Idyllwild itself but also include representatives from other areas of the Chapter.  The Board has a strong relationship with local land managers and years of experience dealing with trail issues.  The current members are not only mountain bikers but road cycling enthusiasts as well.

Idyllwild Cycling Board will develop, and oversee the implementation of CHAPTER policies and program goals.  Board responsibilities shall include:

- Formation and adoption of an annual advocacy platform
- Approval of trails stewardship projects
- Planning and execution of events
- Approval of new supporting members
- Recruitment and election of board members
- Approval of the annual budget and financial reporting
- Approval and modification of Idyllwild Cycling Operating Guidelines
- Contractual authority

Idyllwild Cycling Board shall be made up of not less than 5 members and not more than 12.  
1/30/16 Meeting Minutes

Idyllwild Cycling Board:

President - Alan Vester
Member since 2003

Vice President, Forest Service Liasion, Idyllwild Spring Challenge Race Director - Katie Hedrich
Member since 2003 

Treasurer - Michelle Vester
Member since 2012

Secretary - Matt Brudin
Member since 2012 
Hemet Representative

Members at Large:

Wayne Sleme
Member since 2007

Doug Kelbert
Member since 2009

Jason Gardner
Members since 2012

Marlin Harris
Member since 2003 

Don Sutton
Member since 2004