Even though we are now in the public comment period for the May Valley Trail System, there is still a Forest Closure Order issued for the May Valley area that we should take very seriously.  This is a crucial time and we need to show our support for the work that needs to be done in the aftermath of the fire. It will be tempting to return to May Valley to see the damage done to the trails but we encourage everyone to please respect the closure.  Good news is specialist have finished the Environmental Assessment and we are in the crucial public comment period that ends on July 15.  For more info on how to submit a comment, go here.  
We look forward to the day when we will have official signage and maps.

Looking to ride on the trails west of the Idyllwild Arts School?  These trails are user built and not part of a legal trail system.  We ask riders to be mindful of residents in the area and heed to multi-user trail guidelines.  When the May Valley Trails Project is complete, it is most likely this area will be next for evaluation.  Misuse of these trails could lead to a premature investigation or closure.

More May Valley Trails Info:
The May Valley area located on the southern border of Idyllwild has the majority of trails.  Prior to the Mountain Fire in July 2013, these trails were in a temporary designated phase.  Once the area is reopened as a designated trail system, it is important, as always, to follow proper mountain bike etiquette and to remember that we share these trails with hikers and equestrians.

Idyllwild Cycling is waiting with excited anticipation for our new trail system!